Lighting Design

Light enables us to see; it stimulates us, informs us and excites us. Yet although universally present, its power is often overlooked and its potential scarcely tapped. When balanced with shadow, light adds subtlety and excitement, tranquillity and mystery.

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The Architecture

Light can reveal shape, surface and colour, it enriches our perception of the world around us by emphasising beauty, function and form. Light can subtly emphasise and accentuate architectural details and echo a design style, it will define the image of your home.

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The Aesthetic

As well as providing the basic requirements for visual function, light plays a major role in how we experience a space. Lighting creates atmosphere, ambience and a sense of place.

This is achieved by scene setting whereby a touch of one button can change an area from strong lighting to moody lighting or linked in with an overall scene for a whole house.

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The Environment, the Economy

Environmental factors are considered throughout the design process, from inception to completion. We ensure Part L compliance in line with current building regulations. Using clever digital dimmers, power is saved when the lights are dimmed. Using much more economical LED fittings, intelligent schedules and occupancy sensors wasted electricity is also avoided.

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The Products

Nude offers 20 years' supply experience covering the requirements of today's stringent regulations and in-depth manufacturing and product knowledge. Coupled with an established network of reliable suppliers and manufacturers, our unique relationship enables us to offer our client the most competitive pricing on all the luminaires we specify whilst quality is uncompromised.

The Process

At Nude our philosophy is to provide discreet lighting schemes supported by in-depth installation and product specifications.

Core elements of our service are;


This will take the form of sketch ideas, visuals and reference images to help easily communicate our design intent to the client and design team.

Detail Design

During this stage we will implement our conceptual ideas into a technical package of information which will include.

  • Dimensioned lighting plans
  • Switching arrangements
  • Written luminaire specification
  • Written control schedule
  • Full supply cost documentation

Design implementation

We work closely with electrical contractors during the installation phase of projects and attend site meetings ensuring the lighting equipment is installed accurately. Once the project is complete we assist with the aiming of light fittings and scene setting of control systems, ensuring the desired lighting treatment is achieved.