Smart Home

Comfortable with Control

Smart Home Technology simplifies all the technology in your home whilst offering you the ultimate lifestyle of comfort and convenience.

We simplify the design and narrow the range of products to suit your specific requirements.

Well lit, open plan bedroom at day time

Embedded Home Technology

A 21st century home will work as one seamless ‘app’, giving simple graphical control of all your environment from heating, security, entertainment, lighting, windows/blinds/curtains to all your communication needs.

Lighting controls mounted on the wall in a modern lounge

In Your Pocket

How many remote controls do you have on the coffee table? Do they only control the TV? Do away with them all and use any of your iOS devices for everything.

Home cinema system in a stylish, modern lounge


If you want to try out a smart home, then book an appointment to come into our showroom here in Dorking and we can show you the future! Contact us and learn more.

Discreet Technology

We also have a range of fully automated and effortless Future Automation brackets and lifts to show how TVs can be discreetly hidden or moved around to allow maximum viewing pleasure in awkward spaces.

Television displaying home cinema controls disguised within a picture frame

Home Cinemas

In today’s busy world why not bring the full cinematic experience into your home, with bespoke designs for discreet occasional use in living rooms to dedicated THX certified Cinema rooms.

Instant Access

Savant allows guests to download the app for free and to connect instantly to your system, so they can also enjoy the convenience of your home entertainment system.

Person using lighting control application on a tablet

Remote Control

The app is seamless whether you are at home, or away. It will work where ever you are, so no need to ever worry about your home whilst away!

Screenshot of lighting control application, showing multiple cameras around an office

Security and Telecoms

With security systems and CCTV accessible online and being able to take calls from the front gate where ever you are you need never worry about your home when away.

Large modern house behind security gates


We do not only specialise in SAVANT systems, we can help you with other systems if you have different needs or requirements.